Redmi introduced the RedmiBook Ryzen Edition ultrabooks on top AMD processors at an attractive price (4 photos)

Xiaomi sub-brand, Redmi held a majorAn online conference, during which a new smartphone, a series of Smart TVs and an updated lineup of compact and energy-intensive laptops were presented, the hardware of which runs on AMD Ryzen 4000 flagship processors.

The new line of ultrabooks RedmiBook RyzenEdition presents devices with three options for screen diagonals: 13; 14 and 16 inches. Depending on the configuration, laptops come with Ryzen 5 4500U or Ryzen 7 4700U processors and various RAM sizes. All models use IPS displays with Full HD resolution.

On RedmiBook 16 Ryzen Edition models and inRedmiBook 14 Ryzen Edition, due to the design of the screen with thin frames (3.26 mm), the usable area is 90.6%, and in the RedmiBook 13 model this ratio is 89%. SRGB color gamut coverage is 100%. The aspect ratio of the display is 16:10.

Redmi Confirms Previously Revealedinsider information about installing the latest AMD Ryzen 4000 series processors in new laptops using the 7 nm process technology and the proprietary Zen 2 architecture. As a result, the performance of the updated computers was 60% higher than last year’s model range.

Users will be able to choose laptops in whichA more expensive Ryzen 7 4700U processor or a more economical Ryzen 5 4500U processor is installed. The devices also come with an integrated Vega 7 GPU for the Ryzen 7 high-end chip and Vega 6 for the Ryzen 5 mid-range chip. The computer case is made of metal.

A characteristic feature of the new laptop series fromRedmi becomes the presence of three operating modes, switching between them is carried out using the key combination Fn + K. These are “productive”, “balanced” and “quiet” modes that are designed for gamers, solving office problems and performing the simplest tasks in saving mode allowing increase battery life up to 12 hours for the top model RedmiBook 16. Also available is a laptop unlock function using the Mi Band fitness bracelet in 1.2 seconds.

Also in the RedmiBook 16 laptopSupports fast charging using the supplied 65 W power supply via the USB Type-C connector. Using a complete small (5x5x2.8 cm and 100 grams weight) power supply, users can recharge a 46 Wh battery from 0 to 50% in just 38 minutes.

RedmiBook Ryzen Series Computers For SaleEdition will be available only from June 1, however, until May 31, the system of discounts for the initial purchase. For each model of RedmiBook 13, 14 and 16, customers are offered three modification options with Ryzen 5 4500U and Ryzen 7 4700U processors and various amounts of memory.

So, for example, RedmiBook 13 models with Ryzen 5 4500U processors, 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SDDs will cost $ 532 from July 1 or $ 504 per share until May 31.

For the same price, you can buy the younger models RedmiBook 14 and RedmiBook 16. The average Ryzen 5 4500U model with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD will cost 560 from June 1 (until May 31, $ 532).

RedmiBook 14 and RedmiBook's flagship laptopsconfiguration 16 Ryzen 7 4700U, RAM 16 GB and 512 GB SSD, will cost $ 630 or $ 602 per share. The top model RedmiBook 13 received an increase in the amount of internal SSD memory up to 1 TB and also a great price: from June 1 - $ 700, and until May 31 - $ 616.