Redmi Band fitness bracelet with USB-A charging for $ 14 (4 photos + video)

Xiaomi Division, Redmi Sub-BrandPresented a mobile wearable gadget - a Redmi Band fitness bracelet, entering the market, already conquered by Xiaomi Mi Band devices. The subsidiary introduced a completely new vision for the design of the fitness bracelet, while retaining the basic functionality of the wearable gadget. Now, fans of a healthy lifestyle will be able to get a full bracelet for just $ 14 to track physical activity, receive calls and notifications, control time.

Redmi Band case with slightly angular shapeshas a color screen with a diagonal of 1.08 inches, on which you can display the dial in one of 72 pre-installed design. The main change in the bracelet will be the rejection of magnetic charging. A standard USB-A port is used as a connector for connecting the charger, which will allow you to get away from additional devices in the form of transient magnetic devices and charge the Redmi Band from a computer or laptop. A full charge of the battery should last for 14 days with a standard load.

Bracelet straps are available in the followingcolor schemes: orange, olive, blue and black. The technical parameters of the bracelet are standard - heart rate, activity and sleep are monitored. The bracelet sends a warning about the need to warm up, receives notifications from a smartphone.

NFC module is not provided, which also affectsthe formation of the budget price, which during the celebrations of the Mi Fan Festival will remain at $ 13, and after April 9 it will increase by one dollar and amount to $ 14.