Redkey W13 vs Dreame H12 Core: which vacuum cleaner is better for wet and dry cleaning

For comparison, we chose the most popular wireless models Redkey W13 and Dreame H12 Core, which we compare in terms of suction power, drying function, modes, battery life and cost.

Suction power
Maximum suction power of Redkey W13is 17,500 Pa, and Dreame H12 Core is 10,000 Pa. During the cleaning process, the higher suction power effectively absorbs and removes dust and dirt from the floor. But Dreame H12 Core effectively removes excess water stains while mopping, eliminating the need for repeated cleaning due to insufficient suction power.

Drying functions
This option solves the problem of unpleasant odor andprevents mold from appearing on the roller and eliminates the need for users to dry them themselves. The Redkey W13 vacuum cleaner has a drying function. After self-cleaning, a heating element built into the base uses hot air to dry the surface of the rapidly rotating brush. The wet mop achieves 95% dryness in just 25 minutes.

Dreame H12 Core does not have a drying function. After the self-cleaning process, users need to manually dry the brush. From this point of view, Redkey W13 is more convenient.

Battery life
For wireless devices, battery lifeoperation is critical because it directly determines how long the device will be used. Redkey W13 can be used for up to 45 minutes without recharging, which is enough to clean an area of ​​200 square meters. It is also possible to install a spare battery (purchased separately) when cleaning large areas without waiting for a recharge.

For comparison, Dreame H12 Core runs onThe battery life is only 25 minutes and can clean a maximum area of ​​130 square meters. It doesn't support removable batteries, so once the battery runs out, you'll have to wait until it recharges to continue using the vacuum.

Operating modes
Redkey W13 has 3 modes: Auto, MAX and Vacuum mode, while Dreame H12 Core only has Auto and Suction modes.

For daily cleaning automatic modeusually enough to deal with most stains. However, if there are stubborn stains or large debris on the floor, the MAX mode allows you to clean the floor more thoroughly.

With multiple modes, the Redkey W13 tackles tough stains more easily and provides better cleaning.

As for other features, both Redkey W13 andDreame H12 Core has a self-cleaning function. Both vacuum cleaners are equipped with casters for easy movement without the need for lifting. The design of both devices is ergonomic, eliminating the need to bend over while cleaning.

These vacuum cleaners will be good helpers indaily cleaning. But Redkey W13 is the best choice. Not only does it have more suction power for better cleaning results, but it also has more modes and a drying function that makes cleaning easier. It also has a longer battery life and a removable battery.

The price of Redkey W13 on OZON is 20,617 ₽, and the price of Dreame H12 Core is 21,327 ₽. It turns out that Redkey W13 is even more economical option and will be a good buy.