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Red Sea turned out to be a major air pollutant

Every moment of its existencehumanity pollutes the air with exhaust fumes from cars and factories. Scientists almost every week talk about the consequences of saturating the environment with hazardous substances, and even previously reported that millions of people die every year in the world. However, recently, employees of the Chemical Institute of the Max Planck Society found that dangerous chemical compounds get into the air around us, even from the depths of the Red Sea. This discovery literally shocked scientists, because according to their calculations it turned out that the concentration of hazardous gases over the entire known sea exceeds the norm by almost 40 times. But where did these substances come from?

Many animals live in the waters of the Red Sea and it is not known how harmful compounds affect their health.

The sudden discovery of German scientists wastold in the science publication Nature Communications. They already knew that the Middle East is very rich in oil and gas reserves, so their production is actively being conducted on its territory. In the process of oil and gas production, a huge amount of polluting substances is released, so scientists decided to assess the magnitude of the problem. In 2017, they conducted a large-scale expedition in the Persian Gulf and found out that the air over the Red Sea is very polluted.

Cause of air pollution

According to scientists, the air over the Red SeaIt was saturated with extremely dangerous to human health propane. This colorless gas is widely used for heating buildings and as automobile fuel, but can cause severe poisoning if it enters the human body. The symptoms of propane poisoning are known to include dizziness, fever, coughing, vomiting, and even numbness of the limbs. If you inhale a large concentration of this gas in a person, choking may occur and ultimately death.

Do you know that in the air around us there are many microscopic fungi and they are dangerous to our health?

At first, the researchers thought that the sourceharmful cars are the same cars and factories, but all of them, even taken together, could not pollute the air so much. Only after some time, scientists realized that the Red Sea itself could be responsible for the occurrence of dangerous compounds in the air. The fact is that particles of carbon dioxide may well rise from its bottom, which, when mixed with harmful waste from ships, can turn into even more dangerous substances.

The air over many resorts can be hazardous to health.

At the moment, it is believed that in this wayThe Red Sea heavily pollutes the air over resorts in countries such as Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. There is no evidence for this yet, but residents and guests of these regions may well experience frequent headaches, nausea, and other consequences of inhalation of life-threatening chemicals.

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How exactly can you solve a suddenly discoverednobody knows the problem yet. According to scientists, if in the coming years the frequency of movement of ships across the Red Sea increases, the air over popular resorts will become even dirtier. Perhaps the authorities should seriously think about restricting the movement of ships through this region, because the harmful substances emitted by them greatly harm not only nature, but also people.