Real photos of iPhone 12 are presented (2 photos)

Apple developers continue to workover the creation of new smartphone models. The future iPhone 12 so far could only be seen on insider renderings. However, now the first real photos have appeared, allowing to evaluate the appearance of the next creation of Apple engineers.

Developers keep up with the times and ifthe photos are true, they created an unusual iPhone design with narrow frames, without the traditional “bangs” for Apple smartphones and a tiny cutout at the top of the screen for the front camera.
You can also see that the square block of the main camera, shifted to the left side of the rear panel, has four sensors.

The critical situation with the development of the epidemiccoronavirus is alarming in the community regarding the upcoming presentation of the iPhone 12, previously scheduled for September 2020. However, according to insider information received from Apple suppliers, so far no statements or requests for deferrals have been received, which indicates the continuation of work in accordance with the schedule.

Source: mydrivers