Real photos of Huawei smartphone published on a proprietary operating system and a camera under the screen

Huawei's ongoing ongoing conflict withUS government and restrictions imposed on the use of Google services, forcing the Chinese to intensify the development of their own software, implemented in new devices.

The company already offers when working with brandedsmart watch install your own app store. Now on the Internet there are real photos of the future model, presumably the Huawei Mate 40, in which the HarmonyOS operating system is installed, developed in the bowels of the company and designed to replace Android. The photo, which allegedly depicts the Huawei Mate 40 model, is posted on the HuaweiAdvisor resource.

The photo shows that the device uses the OSHarmonyOS. In addition, the device is distinguished by the absence of cutouts or openings on the screen intended for the front camera. Inquisitive users examined two shaded areas in the photo at the top of the display and suggested that the smartphone comes out with a selfie camera placed under the screen.

Source: huaweiadvisor