Ready! Model 100 - Raspberry Pi case for cyberpunk enthusiasts (8 photos + video)

Raspberry Pi class single board computersare gaining in popularity due to their low energy consumption, compact size and variety of shapes and sizes. Enthusiasts actively use single board computers to solve a variety of tasks. For example, YouTube blogger Guy Dupont recently showed off a 2004 iPod Classic updated with a Raspberry Pi Zero W and as a result allowing streaming audio from Spotify to the iPod. Currently on Kickstarter the project of the company Ready! from Canada, which could significantly expand the user's ability to use Raspberry Pi single board computers.

Presented on the crowdfunding platformproject Ready! Model 100 is essentially a case that allows you to turn a single board computer (SBC) into a complete device with a keyboard, speakers, touchscreen display. The Model 100 has a variety of I / O ports for connecting virtually any external device. The Model 100 chassis can accommodate an SBC the size of an Intel NUC 4x4 board For ease of transportation, the body has a holder for guitar straps.

Several modifications are described on KickstarterReady! Model 100. The base version, badged as Pro, at $ 237, is a device without SBC, but with a rugged aluminum chassis, IPS touchscreen (1920 x 480), HDMI and USB input, LED backlit keys, and 12 panel cutouts for connecting various ports of type USB-C, USB3A, HDMI, 4 antennas SMA / RP-SMA and a holder for guitar straps.

Kit Ready!The Model 100 Neo is priced at $ 327 and is a near-off-the-shelf computer with 2GB of RAM, a single board computer, microSD card running READY! OS Debian is an open source Linux-based operating system and a set of parts from the base Model 100 Pro kit.

The most expensive modification of the Model 100 Pro Deluxe is priced at $ 1,100 and comes with a 4x4 Ryzen board, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD.

To date, 5 days before the end of the Kickstarter fundraising period, the Toronto-based project has raised only $ 101,000 out of the $ 158,000 needed.

Source: engadget