Reading sign language out loud? Google believes that this is possible (2 photos)

Google offers third-partydevelopers their ideas and best practices on a topical issue, the solutions of which people with hearing impairments are looking forward to. Google employees have not yet created their own application, but they do not make a secret from their research and publish algorithms that, they hope, will help other specialists create a basis for understanding sign language.

Google Researchers Valentin Bazarevsky and FanChang, on his artificial intelligence blog, notes that they are looking forward to interesting ideas. For their part, they will continue the development of technology, improving all its aspects.

The algorithm of such software includes:
• palm recognition;
• the creation of certain points on its entire surface and on the fingers;
• processing AI drawings from points;
• transformation of sign language into text;
• the use of text-to-speech technology for voicing text.

Hearing impaired employees at Google were optimistic about the news, but they knew better than anyone that the software would need to be further developed.

Source: googleblog