RDR electric bike with autonomy of 200 km (5 photos + video)

Electric bike market is experiencingfierce competition, so each developer uses unique technical parameters in their products to help capture a specific market segment. The Danish startup Trefecta, little known to the general public, however, has earned trust among the military, offering them unique bicycles with high cross-country ability, strength and carrying capacity. Trefecta engineers decided to create similar RDR electric bikes designed for civilian users.

Models of Trefecta bicycles for military onpractice in UN peacekeeping missions have demonstrated their endurance, unpretentiousness and high technical performance. The experience of designers, technologists and designers is now transferred to the civilian model - the RDR electric bike.

The basis of the RDR design is massivealuminum frame, which inside holds a battery with a capacity of 1400 Wh, allowing you to complete 200 km mileage without additional recharging. The frame will not be painted and comes in the color of natural aluminum, which creates an allusion with aluminum fuel tanks on racing motorcycles in the last century.

The TQ engine from Germany is located inpedal block and produces a torque of 120 N⋅m, the value of which is comparable with the performance of the engines of some cars. At the same time, the closest competitors of Bosch Performance Line CX lose by this indicator twice.

Enviolo Sport 360 transmission hidden insidewheels and allows you to change the forces during engine operation. The engine can be supplied in three versions: 250 W, 500 W and 920 W. Torque of 120 N моментm is generated by engines of any power. Depending on the choice of engine, the user can either freely move on the roads, or this requires special permission.

The bike supports Apple CarPlay,for which a special compartment is provided in the upper part of the frame. Travel speed is limited to 45 km / h for any engine. For younger models, accessories familiar to city bicycles are provided: fenders, trunk, front and rear lights.

The operation of the brake system is ensured byMagura MT hydraulic disc brakes with switchable ABS. Also in the optional package is the delivery of the Magura Boltrons forks with a 15 cm stroke for $ 1,400 a pair and a seat that is retractable during downhill skiing.

There is a massive and brutal RDR a lot, fora model with a 500 W engine without ABS will have to pay $ 7,740, the addition of ABS raises the price to $ 9,360. The most powerful model with a 920 W motor and ABS is priced at $ 9,470 (without Magura Boltrons plug). Adding wings and headlights to this model will cost another $ 1,000. Prices are for pre-order at Indiegogo, then the cost will increase by another 30%.