Razer SEIREN EMOTE - microphone for streamers with interactive emoticons (7 photos + video)

Razer is a leading international brand for gamers,Introduces Seiren Emote, the world's first professional-grade microphone with display for emoticons. Razer Seiren Emote synchronizes the events on the stream with the images on the microphone, allowing streamers to communicate with the audience in a completely new way.

The main horse Seiren Emote - the first in the worldan eight-bit LED display for emoticons supported by the Razer Emote Engine. Emote Engine synchronizes the reaction of emoticons with certain actions of the stream audience, such as alerts, chat messages, subscriptions, donations and more. Hundreds of pre-prepared emoticons are available for streamers, they can also create their own unique design and show it to fans.

“Rising streaming stars are looking for newopportunities to interact with the audience, because their goal is to one day climb to the top of the charts, ”says Alvin Chung, senior vice president of accessories at Razer. “Razer Seiren Emote offers them a new and very fun way to communicate with fans.”

From launch, Seiren Emote owners willOver 100 static and animated emoticons are available. They will also be able to download additional eight-bit images using the Razer Streamer Companion App.

Razer Streamer Companion App allowsSet images on an 8 × 8 Seiren Emote display. In the companion application, users will find an emoticon editor, an image library where you can save your own designs, as well as tools for managing events on the stream. For each of the broadcast events, you can set a special reaction, whether it is a chat message or information about a major donate.

Professional streamers needcrystal clear sound. Seiren Emote is a directional microphone with a supercardioid pattern that captures all the tones of the voice, while eliminating unwanted noise.

Intense battles are a must for anygaming stream. At such moments, occasional bumps or knocks become a frequent occurrence. To protect against unwanted noise, the Seiren Emote is equipped with an integrated shock mount.

The Seiren Emote comes with a removable tripod that allows you to increase the height - so that the display with emoticons is better visible.

8-bit Emoticon display - hundreds of emoticons right on your microphone!
Stream-responsive emoticons are ready to set up
Hypercardioid Condenser Microphone for Professional Streaming
Companion app compatible with Twitch, Streamlabs, XSplit, and Mixer
Built-in shock mount to reduce vibrations
Detachable tripod for desired height
Plug and Play - ready to work right out of the box!

Recommended price 189.99 Euro

Source: Razer Press Release