RAINBO music controller and PIGA Music game - see how to learn how to play music in one day

Is it possible to make sure that any person canlearn to play music in one day? Yes, Rainbo has created a midi controller and Piga Music game with which anyone can play their favorite songs without a musical education.

The Midbo Rainbo controller is compact, inexpensive anduniversal. Suitable for those who are just starting to work with midi controllers and are looking for the easiest to learn, or are already playing professionally and choosing a reliable portable controller so that they are always at hand and work with any music applications and programs: FL STUDIO, Ableton, Cubase, Drum Pads 24.

PIGA Music app lets you get started right awayplay music: Rock, Rap, Latino, POP, Trance, House, etc. For fans of various genres of music, the game implements three modes: Karaoke, DJ, Freestyle. The main question is how is it played? The answer is more than concise: simple and cool.

In karaoke mode, you can play and sing hits,who performed: Cinema, AC DC, Nirvana, Bob Dilan, Pink, Beyonce, Basta, Loboda, Monatic and others. The buttons to be pressed are highlighted on the controller and on the screen. The familiar interface with the words of the song is supplemented by the ability to enable backing vocals. Each composition has a training video.

In DJ mode, more than 50 tracks have been collected, for informationwhich do not need any additional skill except a sense of rhythm and taste. The most diverse styles: house, trance, trap, dubstep, new Electronic. The tracks are laid out in components, and you choose how it will sound, at the same time all the parts are synchronized, which makes an error impossible.

The game serves as entertainment and, at the same time, teachesplaying on midi controllers. You can first play ready-made tracks in Freestyle mode, and when you feel more confident, write your music in performances in clubs and at festivals.