Radio-controlled bird (3 photos + video)

Earlier this week, the site Indiegogo appearedquite an interesting project that can interest not only model aircrafts, but also people who previously had little interest in radio-controlled devices. Edwin Van Ruymbeke has developed a model of a radio-controlled bird, Bionic Bird, which is controlled by a smartphone. The device is lightweight and durable, and its management is intuitive. According to the author, his invention not only does not scare away real birds, but, on the contrary, attracts them. The problem of weight reduction was solved in a rather elegant way: in addition to using lightweight materials, the developer abandoned the high-capacity battery, but completed the bird with a portable egg-shaped charger, which in 12 minutes returns the Bionic Bird to life and can be used up to 10 times what should enough for a whole day of games with the device. You can test the new product in December of this year, supporting the project in the amount of $ 100, or wait for it to appear in retail sale in March of the next and pay $ 150.

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Source: indiegogo