Quick review of realme GT3

Today, the global version of the realme GT3 smartphone was presented in Russia. Of course, the main feature was

Unrealistically powerful 240 W charging for smartphones!

Let me remind you that in 2020 we saw 65 W in the realme X7 model. Now such an adapter is perceived quite normally, but at that time the power supply was considered something unique.

Last year realme pleased with a gadget called GT Neo3. There the power adapter was already at 150 watts. Almost like in productive laptops.

And this year we saw a 240W charger. Want to know how long it takes to charge a brand new realme GT3? Get ready:

  • by 3% - in 10 seconds;
  • by 6% - in 30 seconds;
  • by 20% - in 80 seconds;
  • 100% - in just 9 minutes!

Of course, for such a powerful adapterprovided a cable that can withstand current up to 12 A. The power supply itself is built using GaN technology. Its effectiveness is estimated at almost 99%. In order for everything to work perfectly and without problems, artificial intelligence monitors the “feeding”. It evaluates adapter usage scenarios. For example, if you are at an airport, the power supply will deliver maximum power. And if you go to bed, the battery is charged up to 80% and the rest of the percentage catches up to your awakening. Thus, the manufacturer promises about 1600 charge cycles before the battery "sinks" to 80% of its original capacity.

Another interesting feature of realme GT3 is the RGB lighting on the back of the device. It is presented in the form of the letter "C", inside which is a decorative Snapdragon chip.

All this "decoration" is fully customizable"under yourself". You can select up to 25 color shades, up to 2 rhythm types and up to 5 speed modes. For example, when incoming calls, the light flashes quickly. When notifications arrive, the backlight will show white, with a 3-second photo countdown, it will turn orange; 10 second countdown turns on blue + white + orange.

As for the hardware, everything is fine here too:

  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus GEN 1.
  • RAM - up to 16 GB.
  • AMOLED display with refresh rate up to 144Hz.
  • 50 MP Sony IMX890 main camera with OIS.

The recommended cost is about 650 US dollars, or 50,000 rubles.


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Table of Contents

  • Appearance
  • Screen
  • Working hours
  • "Iron"
  • Cameras
  • Impression
CPU Snapdragon 8+ Gen1
Weight 199 grams
The size 163.85 x 75.75 x 8.9 mm
Display Frequency: Peak 144Hz
40Hz /45Hz /60Hz /72Hz /90Hz /120Hz /144Hz (40/45Hz after update)</ p>

Resolution: 2772*1240(1.5K)
Diagonal: 6.74 inches
Matrix: OLED
Usable area: 93.69%
Color display: 1.07 billion
Color gamut: 100% P3
Touch frequency: 360 Hz, peak up to 1500 Hz
Protective glass: DT star2
Brightness: 500 nits typical, 1400 peak

Charger 240W SUPERVOOC Charge</ p>

150W/100W/80W/67W/65W/50W SuperDart, 30W Dart, 20W VOOC 2.0 fast charging.
Support 18W QC, PD fast charging
Suitable for laptops with 65W adapters

Battery 4600 mAh
Cameras Main:
Sony IMX890 50 MP OIS; f/1.88 Aperture; 1/1.56 inch
2 MP Microscope; f/3.3
Wide Angle:
8 MP 112° Ultra Wide-angle; f/2.2</ p>

16 MP

Street Photography 3.0

Cooling Stainless Steel Vapor Cooling System Max 2.0
Design Pulse Interface
Colors Pulse White
Booster Black
Memory 8/12/16 GB LPDDR 5X
128/256/512 UFS 3.1
Special edition: 16 GB + 1 TB
Connection Dual 5G
OS realme UI 4.0 (Android 13)
Chips Dedicated Display Chipset Plus
Tactile Engine Pro
GT mode 4.0
Intelligent Infrared Remote Control
Antenna Array Matrix System 2.0
Enhanced 360° NFC
X-axis linear motor
Dual Stereo Speakers with Dolby Atmos
In-display Fingerprint Scanner
Accurate Navigation and Positioning System
Hidden Cameras Detection


In general, the device looks traditional by today's standards: metal edging, glass cover, sloping edges, the screen is slightly rounded.

At the moment it is known that the sale will be devices in white and black.

Of course, the focus is on the back panel. Only here designers can somehow show their capabilities.

There is a large block with cameras and a decorative translucent insert. Inside it are located:

  • Illumination in the shape of the letter "C".
  • NFC antenna.
  • Like a real size Snapdragon chip.

It looks nice, somewhat unusual and original. In general, they tried their best.

Camera modules are round: on top - one sensor, on the bottom - two. A little further - a flash.

The backlight is nice and bright.But how much it is needed is an open question. For example, I had Nothing Phone, and so, I even turned off the glow of the back cover on it, since the phone, as a rule, lay with the screen up. After all, all AMOLED matrices have an AOD mode. And it is much more informative than blinking LEDs.

The device has two speakers, an IR transmitter, two microphones.

On the right is the power button and volume control.

There can be two SIM cards.

The fingerprint scanner is located under the screen. Fast, accurate, no issues.


It can be found in the detailed table:

Display Frequency: Peak 144Hz
Resolution: 2772*1240(1.5K)
Diagonal: 6.74 inches
Matrix: OLED
Usable area: 93.69%
Color display: 1.07 billion
Color gamut: 100% P3
Touch frequency: 360 Hz, peak up to 1500 Hz
Protective glass: DT star2
Brightness: 500 nits typical, 1400 peak

By today's standards, this is quite an advanced display. Here, perhaps, the higher resolution QHD + was not enough. However, the density is already quite high.

Of note - the frequency up to 144 Hz. Wonderful! But I'm not sure that someone will distinguish between 120 Hz and 144 Hz by eye. It’s more of a marketing ploy: and we have the coolest of all!

The brightness of the matrix is ​​excellent. It will be necessary to make measurements on a “live” sample, but even without instruments it can be seen that there is a glow in the region of 1000 nits.

The frequency of the wheelbarrow was increased to 360 Hz. Here again, you need to take measurements. But if everything is correct, then the smartphone is perfect for toys.

A nice feature is the PWM frequency of 2160 Hz (PWM dimming). In theory, the screen should not "strobe".

Working hours

Realme GT3 has a 4600 mAh battery inside. I am sure that it consists of several cells. Most likely, out of two 2300 mAh.

I still don’t know the operating time, but given the sickly stuffing and not the most capacious battery, it’s worth waiting for about 5 hours of screen glow, up to 15-17 hours of video playback and about 5 hours of toys.

About the charge and adapter, I am relatively detailedtold in the introduction. But in short, the kit includes a 240W power adapter and a powerful cable that can withstand high currents. I think that the manufacturer has taken into account the option when you connect a third-party cable to a 240W unit. The current will obviously be limited, so use original realme accessories.

Lab tests have shown that realme GT3 from240W adapter charges up to 100% in 9 minutes. However, the first tests show that the device receives 85% in 9 minutes. And up to 100% charged within 12 minutes. In general, you need to experiment yourself.

As far as I understand, fast charging only works if the smartphone is turned on.

Regarding battery protection and charge technology,The company notes that in order to achieve maximum charge efficiency, the smartphone has provided three special chips. And so that the device does not overheat, realme GT3 is equipped with a large evaporation chamber, which covers almost 60% of the battery area. Thus, efficient heat dissipation is ensured.

It also features PS3 flame retardant design,13 temperature sensors and 60 protection levels. TÜV Rheinland has also certified the GT3 for safe fast charging, making it the first 200W or higher fast charging product to receive this certification.

Charging in extreme weather conditions: the realme GT3 smartphone can even adapt its charger to safely charge in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius.

“In conditions of extreme cold, dedicatedcharging power wakes up the processor and preheats the entire device to achieve fast charging without causing low-temperature damage to the battery."

The last one is charge cycles.

“According to the results of internal laboratorytested, realme GT3 battery life is 80% after more than 1600 charge cycles with 240W charging enabled. The GT3 also uses smart charging, which detects the user's state and switches charging into travel mode, sleep mode, or car mode. This not only ensures that the phone turns on intelligently, but also helps keep the battery healthy and avoids overcharging.”


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The device uses LPDDR5 RAM. RAM size - 8 GB, 12 GB, 16 GB. Built-in storage UFS 3.1: 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB.

It seems that there will be another version of 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal memory.

The well-known Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, made using the 4 nm process technology, acts as the SoC. Released in May 2022. Just in case, let me remind you that there are already 8 Gen 2.

Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip model is used in vivo X Fold+, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4/Fold4, OnePlus 10T and many other top devices.

Judging by the tests of other devices, the chipset has throttling, throwing off about 20-25% of performance. But these are tests. In real life, I did not find any microlags, system brakes.

To cool the chip (and also the batteries), a cooling system called Stainless Steel Vapor Cooling System Max 2.0 is used.

The device has Tactile Engine Pro technology. It is alleged that realme GT3 can keep up to 45 applications in the background and instantly switch between them without brakes.


In this case, realme decided to save a little, because here we see a simple “width” of 8 MP. True, the macro is presented here in the form of a microscope. But 2 MP.

The main focus is on the Sony IMX890 main module.The sensor was released at the end of last year: resolution 50 MP, matrix size 1/1.56″, pixel size 1 micron. Installed in devices such as OnePlus 11, Oppo Find N2.

We already had a review of OP11, it has the same camera, so you can roughly understand the level of realme GT3.

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In the "first look" at the GT3, I will not give any assessments - it is necessary to test.


In almost all of my device reviews, I try toconvey the main idea: modern gadgets should have at least one unique feature that would distinguish the test device from other similar devices.

In realme GT3, such a unique thing is 240W super fast charging. According to tests, it is able to charge the battery from 1% to 100% in an average of 10 minutes.

Another issue is working time. But we will talk about this in a detailed review of the device.

In addition, it is worth highlighting the excellent screen quality: high brightness, no PWM, wide color gamut, high touch frequencies and matrix refresh rates.

"Iron" is not the top, but it will last for a few more years. Plenty of memory, decent performance.

The main camera is trustworthy, it should shoot no worse than current flagship smartphones.

The design is interesting, lighting effects will go into the piggy bank of positive moments.

As for the price, the global version starts at $650. This is approximately 50,000 rubles.

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