Quantum communication for communication between cities

Have you heard the folk wisdom “no matter how well you do something, there will be an Asian who does it better”?

So, Chinese developers and engineers againwiped the nose of the whole Eurocentric world. They were able to create the longest secure quantum bond. Actually, its length reaches 102 km. The previous indicator is 18 km.

True, the transmission speed for all this wasextremely low - only 0.54 bits per second. However, this is quite enough to encrypt text messages and even phone calls up to a distance of 30 km.

Why do we need a quantum protected lineconnection? At its core, this system obfuscates the signals to protect the message. The basic postulates of quantum physics tell us that quanta are interconnected, and therefore, by changing one of them, we will change the other. Therefore, hacking becomes impossible. In theory, the particles remain bound even in different galaxies. Therefore, as far as the Earth is concerned, communication can even cover different continents.

By the way, the same group of scientists put andprevious record for fiber. As a result, the system tolerates a much greater so-called channel loss, which makes it impossible to decode encrypted messages. This, in turn, allowed them to extend the fiber from 28.3 km to a record 102.2 km. "The experiment shows that direct quantum-safe communication between cities via fiber is possible using current technology," the team wrote in the journal Nature.

So the headache for hackers may soon increase.