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Qualcomm revealed the automotive future at CES 2020

January new year. And this means that the next annual International Consumer Electronics Show has already ended, at which many companies showed their latest products. Thousands of manufacturers have shared their products and achievements with more than 170,000 participants from 150 countries. The exhibition was remembered for unusual devices, but even before the official part, many corporations managed to make several important announcements.

Self-driving cars - 2020 trend

Of course, we are primarily interested inthe largest technology giants, especially chip makers. After all, it is they who form the mobile and desktop trends for the coming year. For example, at CES 2020, Qualcomm showed aptX Voice audio technology to improve voice quality for voice calls, and shared its achievements in the automotive industry, 5G and Snapdragon processors.


  • 1 What is Qualcomm Snapdragon Ride
  • 2 Qualcomm Car-to-Cloud - even less wires
  • 3 Dual-MAC Wi-Fi - a new chip for cars
  • 4 aptX Voice - “clean” wireless conversations
  • 5 New car dashboards

What is Qualcomm Snapdragon Ride?

One of Qualcomm's newest CES 2020Technologies has become the new Qualcomm Snapdragon Ride automotive platform. This is an innovative solution for autonomous driving and assisting the driver while driving. It is based on productive hardware, artificial intelligence technology and a single-chip Snapdragon Ride SoC system.

Snapdragon Ride offers solutions for severalsystems: among them emergency braking, recognition of road signs, holding in a lane, self-parking and fully autonomous driving. The latter can be widely used for unmanned taxi and cargo delivery using robotic vehicles. The platform is primarily designed for electric vehicles, and to reduce costs and increase reliability there are options with passive or air cooling. This allows you to simplify the design and increase the range of the car.

Driver assistance systems for emergency situations

And it's not just futuristic technology -Already in the first half of this year, Snapdragon Ride will be available to some car manufacturers. Mass production of machines with a new platform is expected in 3 years.

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Qualcomm Car-to-Cloud - Less Wiring

Yes, this time Qualcomm paid a lot of attentionautomotive news. The company introduced the Car-to-Cloud service for wirelessly updating on-board systems and getting new features. With it, car manufacturers will be able to remotely control the state of on-board systems - for example, to upgrade a car so that you can activate the necessary functions at any time.

The essence of the service is that after the purchasethe car is not outdated - at the request of the car owner, the manufacturer will be able to offer new functions throughout the life of the car. These include, for example, updating a multimedia system.

Soon the car will no longer need wires

Of course, all this will be provided foran additional fee, but adding new features will still be cheaper than buying a new car. Automakers will be able to take consumer technology trends into account by activating features via wireless vehicle upgrades. It is planned that the new Car-to-Cloud service will be available in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

Dual-MAC Wi-Fi - a new chip for cars

We used to have wireless everywhere.internet access and cars are no exception. Many people spend several hours in traffic jams, and having a connection for them would not be out of place. For this, the Qualcomm QCA6595AU chip was developed, which is designed specifically to provide in-car communication via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The new chip supports simultaneous transmission in5 and 2.4 GHz bands, as well as high-quality Bluetooth transmission. It is possible to connect up to 32 clients; WPA3 protocols are used to increase security. In addition to the fact that it can be used to access the network, the chip will be used to diagnose a car, update software, or automatically register when arriving at a car service. The chip allows you to determine the location of the machine with an accuracy of one meter - here I must say thanks to Bluetooth 5.1 and the Bluetooth Smart Long Range function, determining the angle of arrival of the signal and the angle of departure of the signal.

There are chips for smartphones, and there are for cars

Qualcomm chips are already widely used by manycar manufacturers developing top-end infotainment apps. It is expected that commercial deliveries of QCA6595AU will begin in August, which means that by the end of 2020 and at the beginning of 2021 we will see cars where a new chip will already be installed.

aptX Voice - “clean” wireless conversations

But this novelty already applies not only tocars, but also all devices on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 platforms. Qualcomm aptX Voice allows you to improve the quality of voice transmission with high resolution via Bluetooth wireless connections. That is, when using Bluetooth headsets, the interlocutor will be able to hear you even better than now, without interference and unnecessary noise.

aptX Voice improves voice transmission by providingCrystal clear voice with a sampling frequency of 32 kHz. Most likely, most wireless headphones in the next few years will get support for the new codec, since many use them as a headset. aptX has already played a significant role in improving the quality of music when listening to it via Bluetooth, it's time to do the same for telephone conversations.

It is expected that the codec will not only enhancecomfortable communication, but also will improve the overall sound quality, while reducing the load on the speaking person. Such a function is useful in call centers.

New car dashboards

With the advent of various systems to help anddriver’s entertainment with many cameras and sensors, the amount of information that the driver receives from the car has grown significantly. For all this, a convenient and informative dashboard is needed, which will provide all the important data in a convenient way, without distracting the driver from the movement. Therefore, DENSO, together with Qualcomm, has developed the next-generation digital system using Qualcomm Technologies' information and communication technologies, including the latest semiconductor and software solutions for smartphones.

Now most automakers are switching to digital dashboards

The companies also plan to create together an architecture for monitoring driver status, driver and passenger authentication, and improved display ergonomics.

The main idea is to improve ergonomicsintegrated airborne systems and airborne infotainment services. A digital system may appear in cars over the next few years.

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This is one of the main innovations that Qualcommpleased the visitors of CES 2020. In addition to all this, the company announced the continuation of cooperation with General Motors: it plans to continue working together on a digital dashboard, telematics systems and driver assistance systems (ADAS). Qualcomm also introduced a full-featured platform for airborne and roadside blocks of smart transport infrastructure.

Unlike many other new products that were shown at CES 2020, these will not just see the light - these technologies will be used by automobile and mobile device manufacturers in the coming years.