Qualcomm announced 3 chips for mid-range smartphones (7 photos + video)

Qualcomm has announced a new mobileprocessors designed for mid-range smartphones. Snapdragon 730, 730G and 665 chips provide a significant increase in performance when working with artificial intelligence and wide advanced photo capabilities.

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8-nm Snapdragon 730 processorprovides a twofold increase in the speed of working with AI compared to the previous model Snapdragon 710, which is achieved by a 4th generation Qualcomm AI Engine AI processor, a Hexagon 688 signal processor and a Spectra 350 ISP image processor that supports shooting 4K video with HDR in portrait mode . At the same time, the new chip consumes 4 times less energy than its predecessor.

The hardware basis of Snapdragon 730 consists of 8Kryo 470 cores, two of which have a clock frequency of 2.2 GHz, forming a high-performance module. The six others operate at frequencies up to 1.8 GHz with less energy consumption. The overall performance of the Snapdragon 730 compared to the Snapdragon 710 increased by 35%. To work with 3D-graphics installed graphics processor Adreno 618, supports Vulcan 1.1. Snapdragon X15 LTE modem will provide data at speeds up to 800 Mbps. In the presence of Wi-Fi technology 6. Installation is acceptable: dual cameras with a resolution of up to 22 megapixels or single to 192 megapixels and quick charging Quick Charge 4+.

Snapdragon 730G processor, where the letter Gstands for Gaming, designed for gaming smartphones. To this end, the Adreno 618 graphics core is installed on the platform, which provides 15% faster graphics performance than the standard Snapdragon 730. Special technologies are used to optimize games, eliminating FPS drop and enhancing the comfort of the game process. In addition, SoC supports HDR10-resolution display up to 1440p and slow motion video at a speed of 960 fps.

The third processor, Snapdragon 665, created by11-nm process technology, designed for low-cost smartphones. Included in the platform is an AI 3rd generation AI-processor. The hardware of the Snapdragon 665 consists of 8 Kryo 260 cores up to 2.0 GHz. Graphics are controlled by the Adreno 610 graphics processor, which supports Vulcan 1.1. The platform is equipped with a Snapdragon X12 LTE modem with data acquisition speeds of up to 600 Mbps. The Spectra 165 module will help install triple cameras on smartphones with a new chip with a maximum resolution of up to 48 megapixels. Also declared support for FHD + resolution screens, RAM up to 8 GB and Quick Charge 3.0 format fast charging.

The first smartphones based on Snapdragon 730, 730G and 665 processors will be available in the summer of 2019.