QR-code for the game was formed in the sky of Shanghai by 1,500 drones (video)

Spectacular light shows in the sky usingThousands of drones are becoming more popular, especially in China, where celestial performances, fireworks and firecrackers have been used on holidays for centuries. To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the market launch of the Japanese RPG Princess Connect! Re: Dive, the Chinese staged another light show with the help of a thousand and a half swarm of drones, which formed an easy-to-read QR code in the Shanghai sky.

The organization of the show was headed by a Chinese streamingBilibili service. During the holiday, drones shaped the images of anime characters from the Princess Connect universe in the sky! Re: Dive. The huge volumetric QR code that appeared during the event turned out to be easily readable using smartphones. After reading the code, the user was taken to the Princess Connect game site! Re: Dive.

Light shows in the sky and huge advertising withthousands of drones are no longer a rarity in today's high-tech world. Most recently, the Shanghai sky was lit up with illuminated advertisements for the launch of the Hyundai Genesis G80 and GV80 business car brand into the Chinese market. Then 3281 unmanned aerial vehicles participated in the advertisement, which became the official world record, registered in the Guinness Book.

Source: scmp