Qantas Airlines offers to observe the "Super Moon" from the air

Leading air carrier from Australia companyQantas Airways is expanding its travel services and, following exciting air travels over Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef, offers customers the opportunity to see the moon eclipse from a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

A new excursion called “Fly me to theQantas Airways' Supermoon promises a night of space cocktails and pastries aboard one of the company's aircraft. The date of the trip is May 26, when passengers will be able to observe the "super moon" at the time of the passage of a natural satellite of the Earth at the shortest distance from our planet. At this time, the Moon becomes brighter and appears larger. Also during this period, a total lunar eclipse will take place.

Business class travel costs1170 USD. The flight will take place at an altitude of 13 thousand meters - the maximum cruising altitude of the Boeing 787. A specially invited astronomer will comment on the observed phenomena.

Russian Aeroflot, like Qantas,seeks to overcome the crisis caused by quarantine restrictions that reduce the company's profits. The airline offered to spend 4 hours in the air for wine tasting and gastronomic delights, as well as watching movies.

Source: bloomberg