Putting things in order on the table: a new gadget will allow you to get rid of wires (well, almost)

Surely, it has often infuriated you that the wires on your desktop are constantly tangled with each other.

At its core, this was indeed a problem in an era when wireless mice and keyboards were not yet so widespread.

However, some of the peripherals still have wires that often cling and create havoc on the desktop.

To cope with this, Forch decided to find an elegant solution to this problem - a box that collects all these wires together.

But it would be nice if it was just a box - everything else, one has wireless charging at the base, and thus performs another useful function that will come in handy on the desktop.

The device itself is more like a hook,than a wire box. The wires themselves are proposed to be placed in a groove at the top of the hook, but whether this will be useful depends, perhaps, on the user himself.