Pulsar-NV thermal imagers allow you to see more, farther and clearer

Surely every boy dreamed of such a cooland an unusual toy, like a thermal imager. However, thermal imagers are used not only for entertainment. These devices are simply irreplaceable in rescue operations, hunting, construction and in various other fields.

Modern thermal imagers areelectronic devices that track the distribution and change of temperature on the surface and in space. They do this thanks to the matrix, where the temperature is displayed on each pixel. Each temperature range has its own color and saturation. The result is this picture:

Each device has its own purpose and specifics.use. There are ordinary toys for amateur hunters. Such devices have a weak matrix and weak sensitivity. That is, he will be able to show the temperature difference, but only insignificant.
There are also professional thermal imagers,which are used in the construction of ships, aircraft, in rescue operations and in military operations. Such devices are more capable of detecting temperature changes and changes over long distances, in conditions of insufficient visibility or low temperatures.

Pulsar-NV thermal imagers are a cross between useless toys and professional devices. We consider all the possibilities of modern thermal imagers using their example.

Helion Thermal Imagers

Helion Thermal Imagers are small devices that weighonly about 500 grams. The sensor in the thermal imager is an uncooled 384x288 pix @ 17 µm microbolometric matrix, which provides high detail of the observed image.
Helion is also able to integrate with a smartphone using a special application. You will have the opportunity to record videos, conduct live broadcasts and save videos.

The actual detection range of the object is up to 1800 m. In this case, the thermal imager is able to determine the size of the object, its distance and even the speed of movement.

Like all Pulsar thermal imagers, Helion is completely waterproof, equipped with external batteries and the ability to control the picture remotely.

Axion Thermal Imagers

Axion thermal imagers are famous for their near-recordincrease (solid 4.5 times) and the detection range of the object (1350 meters), as well as low weight and size. The device weighs only 300 grams, which allows you to take it with you everywhere without hesitation. The resolution of the thermal imager is 320x240 pixels - optimal for a device of this size and purpose.

Like all Pulsar thermal imagers, Axion hasphoto and video function, still image, connection to a smartphone through a special application, Wi-Fi access and the ability to conduct online broadcasts on YouTube.