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Published evidence that sweets can make depression worse

Recently on the website of the State UniversityAn article was published in the US state of Kansas that about 10% of the world's population in winter suffers from severe depression. The main reason for this phenomenon is considered to be a small amount of sunlight, which disrupts the human circadian rhythms and interferes with healthy sleep at night. Some people just try to endure this difficult time, but most try to escape from depression by spoiling themselves with all kinds of sweets. Indeed, why not eat a huge cake during the depression period, because the heroes of many films cope with sadness with the help of an abundance of delicious food? However, American scientists believe that foods with a lot of sugar can, on the contrary, increase depression. But how did they come to this conclusion?

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Evidence that sweets are capableto aggravate a person’s depressive state, was published in a scientific journal called Medical Hypotheses. After studying a variety of medical literature, researchers led by Professor Stephen Ilardi came to the conclusion that in winter many people really feel a strong craving for sweets. This is mainly due to the depressed state of people and the fact that during the New Year holidays, many of us have a lot of opportunities to treat ourselves to sweets, cakes and other goodies.

Do you know that from the point of view of science, the New Year holidays are really terrible?

Why do sweets cause depression?

According to Stephen Ilardi, sweets work.on the human body as drugs. They can cause an effect in the form of high spirits in a short time, but in large quantities can cause great harm to the human body. It is noteworthy that this is not only about weight gain, which can cause diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Scientists believe that eating too much sugar can increase depression.

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The fact is that in March 2015 in the scientificJama Network magazine published an article on the relationship of inflammatory processes and the occurrence of depressive states, including suicidal thoughts. And earlier, Russian scientists from Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov found that with obesity, people develop latent inflammation. In addition, in the course of numerous studies, it was proved that people with depression actually have many inflammatory processes.

Sugar in large quantities triggers inflammatory processes in the body

The researchers also added that sweetsthey force bacteria living inside a person to produce substances that enter the bloodstream and change a person’s psychological state. You might think that they can also produce chemical compounds that are good for moods, but researchers are sure that the substances released by bacteria in most cases provoke anxiety and stress.

Do you know that the most popular sweetener is deadly?

For all this, researchers note that peopleDo not completely give up sweets. But limiting your sugar intake is definitely worth it. The American Heart Association, for example, advises you to consume no more than 25 grams of sugar per day, which equals about one teaspoon with a slide. It is important to understand that we are talking about sugar, which is added to food during its preparation. In addition, people should always remember that sugar is also found in many fruits.

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