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Published a list of 25 games for the prototype of the legendary gaming platform Amiga 500 mini (video)

For the first time a compact modification of 16-bit retroRetro Games introduced the Amiga 500 consoles back this summer. The platform, which entered the market back in 1987, was very popular among gamers due to its compact form factor.

Now Retro Games will release based onCommodore Amiga 500 (A500) Mini model. The legendary Amiga 500 Mini will return on March 25, 2022 and will support 25 pre-installed games running on A500, A600 and A1200 systems. Modern players will be able to save the gameplay at any time and then start again from the saved game location. The following games will be installed first on the Amiga 500 Mini:

1. Alien Breed 3D
2. Alien Breed: Special Edition ’92
3. Another World
4. Arcade Pool
5. ATR: All Terrain Racing
6. Battle Chess
7. Cadaver
8. California Games
9. The Chaos Engine
10. Dragons Breath
11.F-16 Combat Pilot
12. Kick Off 2
13. The Lost Patrol
14. Paradroid 90
15. Pinball Dreams
16. Project-X: Special Edition '93
17. Qwak
18. The Sentinel
19. Simon the Sorcerer
20. Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe
21. Stunt Car Racer
22. Super Cars II
23. Titus the Fox
24. Worms: The Director's Cut
25. Zool

According to the developers, at the next stageit is planned to expand the number of gaming applications available on the Amiga 500 Mini. It will be possible to replenish your personal library of games using a standard USB drive using special WHDLoad software designed for the Amiga platform.

Amiga 500 Mini game console will be on salewith a proprietary original computer mouse with two buttons and an 8-button joystick. Image scaling, setting the resolution to 720p, frame rate 50 or 60 Hz will be available.

The retro atmosphere in the game will be maintainedoriginal CRT filter. The console will receive a USB-C and HDMI connector. Support for the virtual keyboard is also implemented. Retro Games has now announced that the retro Amiga 500 Mini will retail for $ 140, € 130 or £ 120 depending on the region.

Source: gamesradar