Protean system integrates engine, wheel and suspension into a whole (4 photos + video)

For future unmanned vehicles operating inurban conditions, one of the main problems is maneuverability and management efficiency. The innovative device proposed by Protean from the UK can solve this problem. The design of the suspension system combines the wheel, engine, suspension and control module.

The first development of Protean was presented in2013 However, then the idea was ahead of time, the era of developing unmanned cars had not yet come, and for cars such a design was unacceptable since the mass of the structure was below the suspension, and the device itself was too heavy and demanding of operating conditions.

Presented a new development of the companydesigned for minibuses, whose main task is to achieve maximum maneuverability and volume, and n mass and high speed. The design of Protean360 + provides for the integration of the transmission, suspension, steering module and placing them inside the wheel. Each such device has its own engine, rim, tire and individual suspension system with double wishbones and a shock absorber built into the bipod. In this case, the module can freely rotate around its axis by 369 degrees and, using pneumatics, raise or lower the chassis.

When installing four Protean360 + in the corners of the chassisYou can get a spacious minibus with an electronic control system. The bus will be able to effectively maneuver for parking in compact parking spaces, and, when boarding passengers, lower the platform to ground level.

Currently, Protean has introducedthe design is equipped with an engine power of 80 kW (107 hp.) And 1250 N * m of torque to the wheel. In sum, this gives power gives 320 kW and 5000 N * m, which will ensure comfortable movement for a sufficiently roomy minibus. The system requires some work to isolate electrical wires from environmental influences, but the principle itself, which allows free maneuvering, is revolutionary for future unmanned vehicles.

Source: proteanelectric