Promobot company started producing manipulator arms

Russian manufacturer of service robotsPromobot announced the launch of the production of manipulators and robotic solutions for industry. The main line will include manipulators, as well as components for industrial robots. According to the developers, these technologies can be used in the food industry, catering and hotel services, retail, logistics and various heavy industries.

Manipulator arms are based on technologyof the Robo-C robot, namely, tilt-and-turn units based on the principle of a spherical manipulator, with a payload of up to one kilogram, which allow the manipulator arm to be light and have up to eight degrees of freedom, as well as to have high accuracy when performing operations.

The first samples of manipulators are already being used in robotic complexes for the autonomous sale of ice cream, coffee and drinks for the transfer of goods to customers.

Specifications of the new manipulatorallow the device to perform sorting and moving tasks. In addition, the device is able to cope with service operations such as: issuing goods, consulting and preparing drinks or food.

“Recently, we have actively begun to receiveapplications for industrial robotization. Due to high demand and a wide range of technologies and developments that we have accumulated over the past seven years, the company began to produce solutions for industry as well. Since our main focus has always been on service robotics, we understand how to apply these developments, including in the service industry,” said Oleg Kivokurtsev, Promobot Development Director.

In addition to manipulators, the company introduced a linecomponents for industrial robots: motor controllers, power controllers, ultrasonic and infrared distance sensors, data transmission adapters and others. According to the developers, the release of components is also associated with the presence of demand for such solutions.

Source: Promobot press release