Production of Tesla Semi officially postponed to 2020

During the presentation of the Tesla electric tractorSemi in 2016, Ilon Mask called the estimated date of its production start - the end of 2019. Since then, this date has not changed, and some people have begun to assume that the company really has time to date. It turned out not - the president of the automotive division of Tesla, Jerome Guillen, announced that they would begin assembling trucks only next year. However, he noted that they are very pleased with them, and intend to bring them to a perfect state.

Where exactly the assembly will be carried outelectric tractors is still unknown. Jerome just mentioned that the transmission and batteries will be produced at the Gigafactory 1 plant in Nevada. Currently, they are busy testing the tractor at maximum load, and based on their results make changes to the design. Probably, the transfer of the start of production is associated with these processes.

In that trucks do an excellent job withtheir tasks, there is little doubt. They have already been seen on the roads of California many times and captured by eyewitnesses on video. One of them proved that the tractor accelerates quite easily to 100 kilometers per hour, and even passenger cars like the Tesla Model S and Chevrolet Volt can sometimes not keep up with it.

The company announced the transfer of the start of productionfairly timely, because some companies have already placed a pre-order and still remain in the dark. If the manufacturer was silent further, customers could lose money and wait for the delivery of their tractors in vain. Recall that earlier Ilon Mask intended to produce 100,000 tractors per year.

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