Private submarine can be transported in a conventional car trailer (3 photos)

U-Boat Worx from the Netherlands entered the marketprivate submarines 15 years ago, introducing the C-Researcher and Super Yacht Sub series. The latest development of U-Boat engineers is the Nemo double submarine - the most compact and lightest submarine in the world. You can deliver Nemo to the shore using an ordinary car trailer, and a small yacht or boat can tow the unit to the dive site.

The mass of the submarine is only 2.5 tons,and height - 155 cm. The overall dimensions of Nemo do not exceed the space occupied by two standard jet skis. The speed of the apparatus under water reaches 5.5 km / h, and the batteries are designed for an 8-hour journey. The maximum diving depth does not exceed 100 meters. Passenger and pilot boats get inside through the top hatch.

The boat is driven by a Nemo certified pilot. In addition, a passenger can participate in the control using a special Manta controller, in which there is an autopilot function that allows you to automatically maintain the course and the set depth. Available and remote control Nemo from the surface using the Marlin controller.

Inside Nemo boat installed wirelesscommunication system, air conditioning, and you can illuminate the surrounding area with the help of a powerful spotlight. Additionally, the boat can be equipped with a sonar, an external manipulator, navigation equipment and an additional lighting device. The price of Nemo will be about $ 1.5 million and production will begin after the formation of a package of orders.

U-Boat Worx also offers 12-day training at Sub Center Curacao.

Source: Uboatworx