PrintPen Handheld Compact Printer (4 photos + video)

The small and compact PrintPen printer for manual printing in 2D mode allows you to easily apply text or an image by simply moving the device over any surface. The mass of PrintPen is only 255 grams.

In the commercials of the project, the work of PrintPenlike magic. During the demonstration of the capabilities of a handheld printer, the user simply sweeps the working part of the device on any surface and an inscription or picture appears on it.

EVEBOT startup developers assure andprove their claim by video facts that PrintPen can print on leather shoes and human skin, ceramics and fabrics, steel and glass, wood and of course paper. The length of the phrase or picture does not exceed 100 mm, and the height is 26 mm.

Management is carried out through a specialapplication on the smartphone. The design of the print head allows you to fill the ink cartridge with non-standard types of ink, such as fluorescent ink, non-erasable ink (ECO).

An optional accessory is also provided.allowing you to print large drawings or texts, by mounting on a vertical and horizontal surface. The battery charge is enough to print 2,000 labels, and the cartridge lasts approximately 3,500 standard labels. Autonomous operation is provided by a 1200 mAh battery. Communication with the smartphone is via WiFi.

The start of sales will begin in November 2019. The project was presented on Kickstarter and 30 days before the completion of the fundraising received 112 thousand dollars with 30 thousand necessary. Depending on the configuration of the order, PrintPen will be sold starting at $ 99. Replaceable cartridges come at a price of $ 39.

Source: kickstarter