Pressure is more valuable than money: a new system for bicycles

Warm days are about to begin, and many people withpublic transport will change to a two-wheeled iron friend (well, or make a promise to themselves that this year they will definitely start cycling).

In this regard, you will need, at a minimum, bicycle pumps, and as a maximum, complete sets of tools.

In general, cyclists are aware thathigh tire pressure is more suitable for smooth roads, while low tire pressure is used by miners. But what about people in regions where there are hills here and there or dilapidated roads? This problem was taken up by the Dutch company Scope Cycling.

Their Scope Atmoz system is designed just for when you need to maneuver between the slopes of country potholes and the flat surfaces of urban roads.

The system was not only useful, butit has also received international recognition - this year it can be used at the Paris-Roubaix race. The track there is just right: cyclists will need to overcome both asphalt roads and primers.

At its core, the Amoz system can be installed onany tubeless pair. The whole thing looks like two donuts, two halves of which are sandwiched between the wheel hubs. The hose runs from the compressed air reservoir in this module along one spoke to the system specific valve stem.

You can control the modules directly from the steering wheel - for eachthe wheel is provided by one button. You can bleed air from the module into the tire by increasing tire pressure, or vice versa. The system uses mechanical valves but does not have a powered compressor, so the system can be used in competition.

What is significant and important here is thattire pressure can also be monitored from the on-board bike computer connected via Bluetooth. True, how much this miracle of technology weighs, and the number of cycles of adding / removing air is still unknown.

But we know about the cost - about 4 thousand euros. Right behind two modules.

So decide for yourself whether you need such a thing, or if something happens, you can get by with a good old proven pump.