Presented wireless headphones Xiaomi Mi Air 2S TWS with high autonomy (5 photos)

Among the new products presented during the bigXiaomi's presentation showed the new fully wireless Mi Air 2S headphones that support Bluetooth 5.0 technology and have a longer battery life. The Mi Air 2S model becomes the logical development of the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 model.

In fully wireless headphones used14.2 mm speakers and a Bluetooth 5.0 support module that works with the LHDC codec, which replaced Qualcomm aptX-HD and supports integration with devices running Android 10. When working with the LHDC codec, the signal delay is transmitted to each headphone in its own way. channel, whereas in previous versions, the transmission was carried out through one, “main” headphone.

Fully autonomous operation of Mi Air 2S Headphonesdesigned for 5 hours. The use for recharging the box for headphones increases the time of their work up to a day, which is 70% more than the previous model of the company. To recharge the Mi Air 2S headphone case, use a USB-C connector, or wireless charging with Qi technology. It takes about an hour to charge up to 100%.

Xiaomi's new headphones are not equipped with an activenoise reduction, however, got the technology of noise reduction during a conversation. Headphones control, receiving calls, volume control, is carried out using the touch button. A special infrared sensor monitors the moment when the device is removed from the ear and pauses the broadcast of audio files.

Mi Air 2S will work together withdevices under the MIUI shell. So using the headset, you can call Xiao AI assistant, transmit voice commands and a notification about connecting the headset. The price of the new Xiaomi Mi Air 2S is about 56 dollars.

Source: GSMArena