Presented smartphone with a color E-Ink display (4 photos)

Using electronic ink technology E-inkwidely used by e-book manufacturers. Low power consumption and reduced strain on the user's eyes have made such devices popular in the market for special gadgets. However, the limitations of technology capable of transmitting only monochrome images hinder the use of E-ink screens for the production of smartphones. Nevertheless, Hisense engineers made another technological breakthrough, introducing the world's first device with a color E-Ink monitor.

At CES 2020, Hisense developerspresented a unique monitor with a refresh rate exceeding all analogues used in black and white screens running on E-Ink technology. At the same time, it is stated that this technology allows to establish mass production of E-Ink displays with a color image today. The company promises that the first device with a color E-Ink display will be assigned to the middle price category.

Bole detailed specifications, timeThe device’s battery life has not yet been announced. However, the use of E-Ink technology already provides for long battery life, which is extremely important for users of modern mobile devices.

Source: gizmochina