Presented smart column "Yandex" controlled by gestures (3 photos + video)

During the events dedicated to the birthdayAlice’s voice assistant, a new device was introduced which is a compact version of a smart speaker called Yandex.Station Mini. A feature of the column was the ability to control both voice and gestures.

Developers believe that Yandex.Station Mini ”will be able to replace an audio speaker, radio, alarm clock, and also be used to control a smart home. The gesture control system will allow you to adjust the volume of audio playback when moving your hands up and down, and a wave of your hand will turn off the alarm or turn off audio playback.

Using gesture management supportopens up another unique opportunity. So after the command “Alice, give a sound”, “Yandex.Station Mini” switches to synthesizer mode, when the owner using his gestures can create his own music. This mode was developed with the participation of Peter Therman, composer and Theremin performer, great-grandson of the Theremin inventor Lev Theremin.

For the synthesizer Yandex.Station Mini ”has developed a variety of musical styles from traditional guitars and pianos to unusual compositions on swords and pans. A complete collection of styles already uses dozens of instruments, which you can learn about by issuing the command "Alice, what synthesizer sounds do you know?"

When using the smart home control functionworking with lamps, air conditioners, a vacuum cleaner and other smart objects supported by the Yandex smart home system is available. Direct speaker connection to the audio system using the line output is also available.

For sale Yandex.Station Mini ”will arrive October 30 at a price of 3990 rubles. In the first days of sales, Yandex will offer a limited number of speakers for exchange for any device capable of playing music.