Presented a prototype space hotel for 400 travelers

Space exploration came to a turn whenfirst tourists will be delivered to orbit. Developers from the startup The Gateway Foundation are ready to provide space travelers with comfortable conditions comparable to the best hotels on Earth.

In the presented design of The Von Braun stationSpace Station uses ideas developed by Werner von Braun, the father of modern rocket science. It is planned that the first space hotel will be designed for 400 people.

The basis of the future hotel will be laidtechnologies already used at the International Space Station (ISS) operating in space. However, for the comfort of tourists, the hotel will have artificial gravity, which ensures safety and the possibility of a long journey in orbit.

The design of the space hotel isa wheel with a diameter of 190 meters, which during rotation creates a gravitational force comparable to gravity on the moon. The diameter of the station will be equipped with 24 autonomous modules, which will accommodate hotel rooms and auxiliary facilities (restaurants, concert and lecture halls).

The presence of gravity will eliminate many problems withwhich astronauts encounter on the ISS. Travelers will be able to use the toilet in the usual way, showers will use recycled water, and food will be served in standard restaurants.

The hotel is scheduled to be launched by 2025. Initially, it is planned that up to 100 space tourists will leave for the station per week. The total number of residents of The Von Braun Space Station will reach 400 people. However, already in 2030, the startup plans to create a larger Gateway complex, accommodating up to 1,400 people.

Source: gatewayspaceport