Presentation of the PlayStation 5 will still take place

Sony officially announced the datepresentation of the PlayStation 5 console scheduled for next Thursday. Previously, the event was scheduled for June 4, but mass protests in the United States led to a change in the company's schedules. Sony officials have now announced that the PlayStation unit will provide one million dollars to support American minorities and will hold a planned presentation on June 11 at 23-00 Moscow time.

Live broadcast will be held in 1080p and 30 resolutionframes per second, which in principle will not allow to reveal the potential of the console, which would require a resolution of 4K and a frequency of 60 FPS. However, a statement by Sony indicated that performance degradation is required to properly support the presentation show process. Also, developers are encouraged to use headphones so that the speakers of smartphones or laptops do not distort the presentation.

About the new date for the presentation of the long-awaited consoleSony announced on Twitch streaming service. Along with the presentation of the PlayStation 5 itself, many game applications that will be supported by the device will be shown. It is also expected that the company will announce the price of a set-top box at which PlayStation fans will be able to purchase a new model during its launch on Christmas Day 2020.