Preliminary specifications of Pixel 4 from Google (2 photos + video)

Modern insiders have pushed developersFrom Google to take a decisive step - the disclosure of the teaser of the smartphone before its official presentation. The company showed a short video showing the main features of the Pixel 4 model, as well as confirming the widespread insider information about the design solution of the front panel of the device.

Google developers have confirmed their reputationa company not following fashion and trends. At the top of the front panel of Pixel 4, a wide band is provided, replacing the cutouts, holes and bangs that are now common.

The presence of a wide upper frame is also due totechnical innovations, namely the use of innovative 3D-camera, analogue of FaceID in the iPhone, which provides an effective and efficient implementation of face recognition technology.

Soli Special Sensor Starts Recognitionwhen the user approaches the smartphone, even without having to take it in hand. In addition, the new sensor provides contactless control of the smartphone using gestures. This technology was called Motion Sense and was presented in a short video.

The official announcement of Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will be held in the autumn of 2019.