Preinstallation of Russian software on smartphones is welcomed in the Government and criticized in the Duma

Mandatory ProgramThe preliminary installation of domestic software on smartphones and other high-tech equipment coming into the country for sale was supported by the Government of the Russian Federation in a published response to the bill, which was submitted to the Duma in July this year.

According to the proposed provisions of the Law,developed by the deputy from the LDPR, manufacturers sending high-tech products to Russia for sale are required to install Russian software on it. The list of such products includes smartphones, computer equipment, Smart TVs. According to developers, the introduction of such standards will protect domestic software developers and prevent the "abuse" of foreign corporations.

The government also believes that the law will ensuresupport to Russian developers. The Cabinet of Ministers believes that in the norms of the Law it is necessary to indicate not only specific devices and mandatory programs for installation, but also a detailed list of such devices. According to officials, such a list of both gadgets and mandatory pre-installation programs should be formed by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Introduction of the bill under discussionwill lead to the need for amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses (CAO). In particular, articles on penalties for the sale of devices without Russian software will be supplemented. For private individuals, the amount of the fine will be from 30 to 50 thousand rubles, and organizations with a legal entity will have to pay from 50 to 200 thousand rubles.

In the legal department of the Duma were put forwardseparate claims to the bill. In particular, the Law does not mention the need to amend the Law “On Technical Regulation”, which stipulates that only software products included in the technical regulation may be required to install software.

Moreover, the management believes that links toThe Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights” infringes on the rights of organizations that also buy smartphones and other equipment, since this Law applies only to individuals.

However, the main claim to the bill,According to the Duma Legal Committee, there is a violation of Russia's international obligations, in particular the provisions of the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). This document prohibits the restriction of the sale of goods in the territory of any of the EAEU countries on the basis of requirements related to the use of local goods or services.

Manufacturers and trading companies alsonegatively refer to the bill, noting that Russian users are able to choose the software they need. It is noted that Russian products have already achieved an advantage when installing on new devices, as evidenced by the statistics of application downloads. Meanwhile, the adoption of such a law may lead to the departure of large international companies from the Russian market.

Source: cnews