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Pre-workout coffee can give you a great boost. But which one?

According to data for 2016, about 39% of the population of ourthe planet over 18 is prone to obesity. This is a big problem for everyone, because excess fat negatively affects both health and quality of life in general. To get rid of fat, it is advised to combine proper nutrition and an active lifestyle. Ideally, if a person refuses sweets and fast food and starts playing sports. Scientists recently discovered that a cup of coffee before exercise can significantly speed up the fat burning process. This was proven in the course of the experiment, so there is a scientific validity to this statement. As part of this article, I invite you to find out how scientists discovered another amazing property of coffee. Perhaps after reading this you will love this drink even more.

Who would have thought that coffee could help you lose weight?

Slimming coffee

To find out how pre-workout coffee consumption affects the human body, scientists conducted a 4-week experiment with 15 adult men. They were divided into 4 groups:

  • the first took a placebo at 8:00 am;
  • the second took a placebo at 5:00 pm;
  • the third drank coffee at 8:00 in the morning;
  • the fourth drank coffee at 17:00 pm.

About 30 minutes after taking the placebo andcoffee, the men did aerobic exercise. It is customary to refer to them as walking, running, swimming and so on. In our case, they trained on a stationary bike. Each time, scientists monitored their body's ability to burn fat. According to scientific author Francisco Jose, caffeine has actually helped people burn fat faster. To be more precise, even 3 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight have the found super-effect. To put it simply, you can drink a cup of beverage before exercise to burn fat before exercising - that should be enough.

But drinking coffee alone is not enough - you need physical activity

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When is the best time to go in for sports?

It is important to note that the best result can beget if you do aerobic exercise in the evening. In previous studies, scientists have noticed that physical activity burns fat faster at the end of the day. And what kind of activity to choose is up to everyone. It is important that they are not power, but aerobic. This type of exercise assumes that the person will use oxygen as the main source of energy.

There is a lot of aerobic exercise, so everyone will find something to their liking.

What exactly is the reason for such an unusual effect fromcoffee, it is not yet clear. By itself, this drink is a strong stimulant that accelerates the processes occurring in the human body. Based on this, it is logical to assume that caffeine also accelerates the time of fat oxidation during physical activity. Unfortunately, relatively few people took part in the experiment, so it is too early to assert about the positive effect of coffee on each person. Perhaps soon the researchers will conduct a study with more people. But even this study clearly suggests that there is a clear link between drinking coffee before exercise and losing fat quickly.

Ate something bitter? Have a cup of coffee!

Coffee for sports

Tell unequivocally whether athletes need to drinkcoffee is impossible. You can get benefits from coffee, but there are plenty of drawbacks to regular use. According to scientists, coffee is rich in magnesium, which helps build new muscle tissue. Also, caffeine increases strength and endurance, which can also be beneficial for athletes. Finally, an invigorating drink can reduce muscle pain, so coffee drinkers recover faster after intense workouts.

Caffeine helps muscles recover from exercise

But drinking coffee also has its downsides.For example, a high concentration of caffeine in the body can easily cause nervous exhaustion. Also, coffee is addictive - if you suddenly stop drinking it, a person's motivation is greatly reduced and for about 2 weeks the body may become unusable. And finally, coffee greatly disrupts the water balance in the body, which is very important for athletes.

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For some people, coffee is generally contraindicated. In 2019, I already mentioned that this drink may well cause miscarriage in women. You can read about the dangers of caffeine during pregnancy at this link.