Portable ultrasound machine, diagnose using a smartphone (2 photos)

Prompt diagnostics withusing the method of ultrasound examination (ultrasound) provides timely detection of diseases and is an integral part of medicine. Nevertheless, modern ultrasound machines provide for the use of bulky stationary equipment and the delivery of the patient to medical centers or polyclinics.

Vave Health, a California-based company, has developeda unique device that allows diagnostics using an ultrasound machine that fits in a jeans pocket weighing 340 grams and transmits data wirelessly to mobile devices running on iOS or Android. The basis for the development was the doctoral dissertation of the CEO of Vave Health Amin Nikozade and his student research on miniaturization of imaging systems conducted at Stanford University.

The Vave Health device weighing 340 grams consists ofmade of a piezoelectric transducer enclosed in a die-cast magnesium housing for heat dissipation, and has a silicone handle for ease of use. Autonomous operation is ensured by a lithium-ion battery, which allows one hour of medical scanning after a 4-hour charge. The case of the portable ultrasound scanner complies with the IP67 water permeability class, which allows the device to be disinfected.

Users can choose between fourpreset imaging modes: heart, lungs, abdomen and obstetrics or gynecology - plus they can manually control parameters such as gain, depth and focus. The work is carried out using a smartphone and a special mobile application installed on it.

Images are viewed in realtime using an app on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with a Wi-Fi connection. The received data and photos can be saved both on a mobile device and on an encrypted cloud server.

The Vave is now available with a $ 99 / month subscription that also includes a sensor replacement every two years.