Portable Alienware game console in the image of Nintendo Switch (8 photos + video)

Alienware is known for its powerfulgaming laptops at events CES 2020 showed off a new prototype Concept UFO, a compact gaming platform made in the form factor of a handheld console. As a result, the developers created a full-fledged gaming computer running Windows 10, however, the external design is very similar to the popular one on the Nintendo Switch.

The Concept UFO device consists of four parts: main unit with an eight-inch 1200p display, battery, control unit and graphics processing equipment. Two controllers are mounted using a convenient magnet system.

The device has a USB Type-C connector, andthe back panel can serve as a stand for a more comfortable game. You can also connect various gaming gadgets from third-party manufacturers, a keyboard or mouse to the device. The hardware of the Concept UFO runs on an x86 processor running Windows 10 in the shell of a gaming library.

The mass of the device is less than 900 grams. A hub unit, similar to the Joy-Con controller, allows two separate halves of the controller to be combined into one for playing on the main device or on a monitor connected to it.

Currently, developers do not disclosedetailed technical data and announce market research. However, when the gaming community becomes interested in such a device, the company is ready to launch production and after a year and a half bring Concept UFO to the market.