Porsche brand sales up 3% in 2022

According to Porsche, the brand sold 310,000 vehicles in 2022, up 3%

sales shown a year earlier.The bulk of Porsche's sales come from the crossover segment. So, the leader in sales last year was the Porsche Cayenne, the company sold 95,000 units of these cars. The next most popular was the small crossover Porsche Macan with sales of 86,000 units. The Porsche 911 was purchased by 40,000 buyers, while the choice in favor of the Porsche Panamera was made by 34,000 people. It is noted that, unlike many other automotive brands, Porsche has not been able to increase sales of its electric cars. Now there is only one such car in the Porsche lineup, the Porsche Taycan, which was purchased by 34,000 customers, but this is 16% less than in 2021.