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Popular foods that contain poison

Throughout his life, a person tries differentproducts, among which often come across very unhealthy. Fast food is considered the most detrimental to the body - it has been scientifically proven that it not only leads to obesity and heart problems, but also affects the brain and can provoke the development of dementia. However, in some cases, such common and considered healthy foods as potatoes and cherries can also be dangerous to humans. They may contain dangerous poisons, which, when ingested, poison it and can even cause death. Let's find out which popular products contain poisons and what to do in order not to get poisoned.

Common foods contain toxic substances. How dangerous are they?

Interesting fact: the content of a certain amount of poison is necessaryplants so that they are not eaten by animals before maturity. The amount of poison in fruits and vegetables depends on the degree of maturity, the method of processing and the amount of consumption.


  • 1 Why can't you eat green potatoes?
  • 2 Why can't you eat cherry pits?
  • 3 Why can't you eat apple pips?
  • 4 What are the health benefits of beans?
  • 5 Why are mushrooms dangerous?

Why can't you eat green potatoes?

The potato itself is not dangerous, but if on itgreen spots appeared on the surface - this is a reason to be wary. Such a shade of peel indicates that the potato has been in the sun for a long time and poisonous has developed in it. solanine. When it enters the body, a strongpoisoning, in which a person is sick and even tormented by hallucinations. This poison has a bitter taste, so it is unlikely that anyone will want to eat poisoned potatoes.

Green potatoes should never be eaten.

You can only get rid of solanine in potatoesby heating to 250 degrees Celsius. This means that boiling and frying will not help in any way - the affected areas must be cut off. And if most of the potatoes are affected, it is better to throw them away.

Interesting fact: solanine is also found in the stems and leaves of tomato. Accidentally ingesting these parts can lead to headaches, indigestion, and even more serious health problems.

Why can't you eat cherry pits?

Every pit in a cherry needs to be spit out because it contains amygdalin. When ingested, this substance releases into the body cyanide - a deadly substance that in the XX centuryeven used as a poison against rodents. If a person accidentally swallows a few bones, nothing bad should happen. But as the dose increases, symptoms of poisoning will certainly begin to appear - first an increase in blood pressure and dizziness, and then something more serious like seizures.

Cherry pits can cause poisoning

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Why can't you eat apple pits?

The peel and pulp of an apple are very useful - theycontains vitamins, as well as minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, iron, and so on. The combination of these substances gives strength, improves mood, stimulates the brain, and so on. Some people love apples so much that they are ready to chew their seeds, but this should never be done. The fact is that apple seeds contain hydrocyanic acid, which in the body turns into an already familiarus cyanide. According to scientists, one bone can cause the production of 0.4 milligrams of a toxic substance. If the body is weak, it can be poisoned by such a dose of the substance.

Apple seeds release cyanide into the body

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What are the benefits of beans?

Beans are very useful because they contain25% protein, the digestibility of which reaches 70-80%. In addition to nutrition, beans contain acids that can normalize blood glucose levels and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. However, any bean also contains phytohemagglutininwhich increases cell permeabilitymembranes. In this state, harmful substances can enter the cells. For example, if a person eats beans and then walks around the city with dirty air, more harmful substances will enter his body.

Surprisingly, you should also be careful with beans

So that phytohemagglutinin does not weaken the body,beans must be brought to full readiness - under the influence of high temperatures, the substance is destroyed. Also, beans can be soaked in water before use and then drained.

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Why are mushrooms dangerous?

We all know perfectly well that fly agarics and grebespoisonous and it is better not to touch them. However, even edible mushrooms like mushrooms and mushrooms can harm health. If they are old or wormy, with a high degree of probability, toxic substances have formed in them - these are decomposition products of the proteins in them. In some cases, edible mushrooms can be dangerous because they have absorbed harmful substances that are found in the soil at the place of collection. So it is better to stay away from mushrooms growing near roads and near factories.

Old mushrooms are also best avoided, even if they are edible.

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