Polaroid Lab printer for printing photos from a smartphone display

Take a physical photo from the gallerya smartphone becomes much easier if you use the Polaroid Lab mobile printer introduced by Polaroid Originals. According to the developers, the printing process uses traditional chemical methods of photography.

To create a photo, the user simplylaunches the Polaroid Originals special application on the smartphone, opens the photo selected in the gallery in it and opens it on the screen. Next, the smartphone is applied with the display down to a special Polaroid Lab site. After launching the miniature laboratory, the image is projected onto a photographic film using an internal mirror system. Then the chemical illumination of the film is carried out, as happened in the last century.

The process of developing a photograph takes about 15minutes. The printer works as a laboratory both with smartphones for Android (OS version from 7th) and with iPhone (iOS version 11 and higher). Stand-alone operation in standby mode on one battery charge - about a month, charging via micro-USB connector. You can use any Polaroid cassettes for the printer (except the SX-70).

The application allows you to change the color scheme tophotos, change the exposure, and create a photo collage of 9 different shots. It is possible to link photos to videos. In this case, it is necessary to point the smartphone’s camera at the received picture and the application will find the video associated with the photo.

The price of the Polaroid Lab printer is low - only $ 100. The manufacturer traditionally transfers the user’s expenses to the consumables required to receive a mobile photo from a smartphone.