Poland creates an army unit to protect cyberspace

Any modern state should already protectnot only their real boundaries. To ensure security, you need to think about the creation of defense in cyberspace, since most of the data (including secret data related to the country's defense) is in digital form. Therefore, an increasing number of countries are paying attention to this area and creating a “cyber military”. Poland also joins the ranks of these states, whose Ministry of Defense intends to create a specialized army unit to protect cyberspace by 2024.

Poland plans to establish a system for protecting the country's cyberspace over the next 5 years

It is worth recalling that Poland is a state,part of NATO. And many members of the North Atlantic Alliance already have similar types of troops. Therefore, it is worth believing that the plan to deploy cybersecurity forces from scratch in such a short time is quite feasible thanks to the support of the allies.

What will the Polish cybersecurity forces be

As the head of the Ministry of Culture said a couple of days agoPolish defense Mariusz Blaszczak in an interview with local media, the new structural military unit will include about 2 thousand people at the first stage, which is quite a lot for the new unit.

We are well aware that in today's worldyou can easily influence the situation in any country with the help of cyberspace. Moreover, this influence can be both positive and negative. We are aimed specifically at protecting our state from external threats, and not at the attack of other countries. - emphasized Mr. Blaschak.

The command of the new unit will take effectalready in 2022, and after 2 years the unit will be fully equipped. But where does not the most advanced country in terms of technology take people to form a new unit? Firstly, according to the head of the military department, Poland will have a sufficient number of IT graduates by 2024 to ensure the influx of qualified specialists in the field of cybersecurity.

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Secondly, now the Ministry of Defense of Polandlooking for talents on the side, in collaboration with the organizers of the HackYeah event, in which hackers and cybersecurity teams from around the world compete. The next HackYeah event will take place on September 14-15. The Ministry of Defense plans to launch a contest (details of which have not been disclosed so far) in order to select the best hackers and IT specialists. As a result of this event, the best of the best will receive a place in the cyber military, as well as a cash prize of 30,000 zlotys (this is about 6,900 euros or 7,650 US dollars). By the way, surely there is an application on your gadgets that provides privacy when communicating - Telegram. There is also our channel, which we recommend that you subscribe.

Emblem of the Ministry of Defense of Poland

Other details about the new armed forcesThere is currently no Poland. In particular, it is not clear whether the cyber army will become a separate branch of the country's armed forces or will be formed as part of the existing branch of the armed forces. It is also not very clear what part of the budget aimed at financing the defense capability of the state can be allocated to ensure the protection of cyberspace.