Pokemon Go will give players a reward for a healthy sleep.

The game Pokemon Go, in which you need to lookvirtual creatures in the real world literally dragged millions of people into the street and made them live an active life. Very soon, the game will make people go to bed and wake up in a cheerful mood - the developers announced a new device, Pokemon Go Plus Plus, which will monitor the quality of players' sleep and encourage them to have a good night rest. With it, the creators want to "turn sleep into entertainment."

According to CEO Niantic JohnHanke, they became the pioneers of a new kind of games, in which practically the whole world is used as a gaming space. He shared that creating Pokemon Go, they hoped to stimulate a healthy lifestyle of their players, and allow them to look at the world in a new way. Daily walks have immeasurable health benefits, but take energy away, so now the developers decided to encourage players to have a healthy sleep.

How to fall asleep on time? Play Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go Plus Plus justdesigned to monitor the quality of night rest. It is made in the form of a disc-shaped pokeball, and is equipped with an accelerometer, which monitors the activity of a person at night and recognizes his sleep phases. The collected information is sent to the smartphone via Bluetooth - players can pick up their rewards in the morning.

In addition to tracking the quality of sleep, the deviceperforms the function of a regular pokeball Pokemon Go Plus - allows you to keep a virtual pet, which notifies you when you are close to the places to hunt Pokemon.

Especially for interaction with the sensor sleep, in 2020, the Select Button company will release a separate game called Pokemon Sleep. In addition to the new project logo, nothing is known yet.

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