Poisonous algae kill animals and infect humans. Soon they will become even more dangerous.

Be careful - if you decide one dayswim in the freshwater lake in the summer heat, you may suddenly feel unwell. You may experience skin irritation, fever, and even liver disease, because in warm weather the so-called blue-green algae bloom in the waters. They emit toxic substances into the water that harm not only people, but also pets. Recently, four dogs died in the USA through the fault of these plants, and very quickly - in some cases, a maximum of several hours passed between bathing in contaminated water and death.

Cases of animal death from blue-green plantswere recorded in the US state of North Carolina and Georgia. Owners of domestic dogs told how their pets bathed in fresh water and after a few hours began to behave strangely. In particular, it was a strong weakening and vomiting, noting which the owners took the pets to the veterinary clinic. On the way, the dogs passed out and then died.

Why are algae dangerous?

So far, doctors can’t give an exact reason.deaths, but blue-green algae are considered to be the culprits in advance. In fact, they are not really plants - rather, they are microscopic creatures called cyanobacteria. They are called algae due to the fact that they, like plants, can absorb the sun's rays and turn them into vital energy. During the summer heat, these bacteria become very numerous, therefore this period is sometimes called the flowering of blue-green algae.

Ruthless animal killers - cyanobacteria

In a small amount, they cannot causepeople harm - because of their tiny size, lovers of a swim in the lake sometimes do not even notice them. However, during flowering periods they begin to form clusters, and on the surface of the water you can see dark green lumps and “strings”. In most cases, the water becomes foamy and turns brown, yellow or green. In such lakes, of course, it is better not to climb.

Blue-green algae kill even fish

The greatest harm to cyanobacteria is caused bygetting into a person when, when bathing, he accidentally swallows water. It is in these cases that people may experience nausea, blisters in the mouth, and serious liver problems. According to statistics, from 2009 to 2010, the United States recorded about 11 outbreaks of diseases associated with algae. During these epidemics, at least 60 people were affected. In general, blue-green algae poisoning was first mentioned in 1,000-year records found in China.

Not all algae are harmful. Some of them save astronauts from hunger

How not to poison with algae?

In order not to be poisoned by algae, it is important every timeverify that the water in the pond is indeed clean. We have already mentioned that it is better not to get into the foamy water of brown, yellow and green. If there is still a stench from the water, for greater safety it is better not to approach it at all. It is also worth paying attention to drinking water and be sure that it has been thoroughly cleaned.

See such water? Run away from her soon!

Scientists believe that over time, blue-greenalgae will become even more dangerous and the number of diseases will increase dramatically. The fact is that the temperature of our planet is constantly increasing - the summer of 2019 is considered to be one of the hottest in history. In warm conditions, under the influence of the scorching sun, bacteria multiply at great speed. Perhaps their clusters can already be found in lakes, which you always considered clean.

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