PocketBook has released an e-book on electronic ink E Ink Gallery 3

The PocketBook company has released the PocketBook Viva e-book, which is based on the latest color screen on

electronic ink E Ink Gallery 3.It is expected that the model will be available in April next year for $599. The novelty was equipped with an 8-inch screen, it has IPX8 water protection, built-in speakers and supports Bluetooth communication. Earlier, technology developer E Ink announced the launch of mass production of new Gallery 3 color screens. Several e-book manufacturers have already announced their plans to release models with Gallery 3 color screens, including Boox, Readmoo, iReader. These products are expected to be on the market in the first half of 2023. One of the advantages of the new screen is the refresh rate of up to 350 ms for black and white images and up to 500 ms for color images.