PocketBook 627 LE - a gentle reader in an expensive package

PocketBook company proposed a limited edition of the PocketBook 627 reader, released a year ago. They did not begin to bother with the name for a long time - the reader is presented as PocketBook 627 LE.

Differs in “pale pink” body color (moreresembles flesh, so it’s impossible to resist the temptation to remember the color of the thigh of a frightened nymph). In addition, a cover is included in the package, which is unusual for PocketBook.

The exclusive image is wrapped in “black expensive cardboard” packaging.

Otherwise, everything is the same as it was. Classic six-inch e-book, backlit touch screen, Wi-Fi support, excellent battery, low weight.

11999₽ at the start of sales.

Key Features of PocketBook 627 LE:

Grayscale, E-Ink, 16 ″, 758 × 1024, 16 colors, touch, capacitive, backlight, Carta
Iron 1 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM, 8 GB ROM, Micro-SD up to 32 GB
Li-Ion Battery, 1,500 mAh, up to 8,000 pages
Dimensions 161 x 108 x 8 mm
Weight155 g

Tatyana Kobelskaya