Pocket tesseract: a palm-sized computer in a cube of aluminum

The French manufacturer Bleu Jour, which specializes in creating miniature PCs, has created a rather interesting fanless device Kubb Mini.

The device is made in the form of a 2.7″ x 2.7″ x 2.7″ aluminum block.

Although the cooling is passive, the filling is not so bad: an Intel Celeron N5105 processor, 8 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and a 128 GB SSD.

The body of the device itself is made on a CNC machine andis responsible for dissipating heat from components. At the same time, several different ports were placed on such a small design: there is HDMI, USB Type-C, and 4 x USB 3.0. In general, the owner of the device will definitely not be left without peripherals. Also on the back of the case are two small antennas for wireless communication.

The thing is interesting, but the price is not at all tasty, about 20 thousand rubles. Probably, such a strange policy is connected mainly with the complex manufacture of the case.