Pocket selfie drone with a radius of 30 meters and a 12MP camera

Unmanned aerial vehicles and selfie shootingbecame unchanging attributes of modern man. The American company AirSelfie decided to combine these two realities and created a compact AIR PIX selfie drone, which, when it entered the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, raised more than $ 1.5 million from almost 14 thousand users who wished to abandon ridiculous selfie sticks.

AIR PIX housing made of impact resistant ABSplastic, and the entire device has a mass of only 52 grams, which eliminates the need to register UAVs from flight regulators. The compact dimensions of 102 × 85 × 13 mm allow you to carry the AIR PIX in your jeans or shirt pockets.

The drone is propelled by four screws. It is equipped with an AIR PIX Wi-Fi module, a USB-C port, a 12 megapixel camera for taking photos and video, with 70 degree coverage and optical stabilization. The video is shot in Full HD resolution.

The drone is controlled via a smartphone,in which a special application is installed using gestures. 360 degree shooting is also provided by using automatic flight plans. The drone is stabilized by a built-in gyroscope capable of independently correcting the flight path.

Flight autonomy is provided by the battery,whose charge is enough for 6 minutes of flight, and the flight range is limited to 30 meters. Currently, the first orders placed at Indiegogo began to arrive at buyers at a price of 89 dollars.