Pocket drone can be part of the equipment of the US military (4 photos + video)

US continues to arm the most moderntypes of weapons, in particular, personal intelligence systems. Thus, FLIR Systems received an order for $ 39.6 million at the beginning of the current year, obliging them to put this type of weapon into service. The contract includes many unmanned aerial vehicles, on which the US military has high hopes: drones will support surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities as part of the Soldier Borne Sensor (SBS) program.

7 months after the conclusion of the contract wasknown about the test of the American military pocket drone Black Hornet in the field. Unmanned aerial vehicles were designed as infantry assistants on the battlefield. Externally, the pocket drone is very similar to a small helicopter. Since its length is 15 cm and its weight is 33 grams, it really justifies its pocket name, it is easy to carry it in field conditions. It is equipped with so many ordinary cameras and cameras with a thermal imager that the information it takes and the information it processes is invaluable to the person who controls it. A drone helicopter can send the video it takes to the operator in real time. In automatic flight mode, the gadget can travel up to 2 km in 30 minutes.

The leadership of the US Army believes that the drones will bestandard equipment in service with American soldiers in the near future. This mini-technique can provide intelligence gathering for small units, platoons. The US Army already has a plan to test the system in Afghanistan. Then a decision will be made on how best to use its potential. Meanwhile, the French and British military were interested in developing.