PlayStation VR2 was more successful than the previous headset model

At an internal meeting, Sony confirmed that sales of the PlayStation VR2 were approaching the 600,000 unit mark. The device took just six weeks to complete.

This means that PSVR 2 outsoldthe original PSVR, which had about 550,000 purchases in the same first six weeks of launch. Thus, the novelty was able to sell 8% better than its predecessor.

Note that this information refutes earlier reports from analytics firm IDC, which suggested that Sony only sold around 270,000 units between launch and the end of March.

Sony's latest chart showed that IDC's data was off by about 330,000 units.

Recall that the original PlayStation VR reached the mark of 1 million units sold in about 8 months. How much the second generation of the headset will need for this - time will tell.